Habibur Rahman

Habibur Rahman is a Smart Factory 4.0 Consultant for Textile Apparel Industries and Country Head of Quantity Improvement Solutions and the Bangladesh Country Representative for the ICTPA

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Habib says:

We have industry experience, we have manual improvement goals and we are improving but slowly. Why? Because there are huge disconnections between customers vs product, technology vs people, communication gaps between machine vs product. So we need to have a new version of thinking. To be able to transform we need to adopt an array of technologies such as AI, RPA, Big Data etc which will need a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. I found that the ICTPA can fulfill this demand with access to these kind of skills from which a strong team dedicated to IR4.0 can be built. I became the Bangladesh Country Representative to be part of this journey.

What I bring to the ICTPA:

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