A Word from the Founder


I have been in the “business of change” and transformation for over 40 years

I have worked in excess of 20 industry sectors and “change managed” over 25 different technology solutions implementations.

I have worked across the length and breadth of the UK, across many European countries and Internationally

I have lived and worked in Asia since 2011

I am a trainer, prolific blogger, speaker, successful author of business documents and “how to’s”, a coach & mentor and trusted advisor on all matters related to “change and transformation”

In June 2012 I was bestowed with a “Change Leader of Tomorrow” Award by the World HRD Congress in recognition of my “remarkable progress in initiating changes enough for others in the same industry to follow my example”

I am the Founder of the Institute of Change and Transformation Professionals Asia (ICTPA)

How did it all Start?

Mid 2018 I had a Skype conversation with a colleague and we eventually got on to the question of change & transformation in Asia and the fact that, whilst there were already two professional bodies catering for change & transformation professionals (one in the USA and the other in Australia), they did not seem to have much representation here in Asia.

To get a better handle on this I uploaded a post onto LinkedIn followed by a video asking for specific feedback as to whether there was any merit/interest in driving the creation of a professional change & transformation body here in Asia. Both these received a great amount of interest, engagement and many positive comments.

To complete the initial fact-find I contacted the two professional bodies and asked them how, through their various offerings, they catered for the different ways change is practiced in Asia given all of the very different cultural dynamics across the Region. The replies I received did not address the core question.

The above clearly indicated that there was a gap and an opportunity.


What Happened Next?

In late 2018, to try and gauge the true level of interest in establishing an Asian change & transformation body I initiated a survey. The results of this survey provided a positive indicator that there was indeed a good level of interest e.g. in answer to the key question “Do you think that Asia should have a separate body that represents change and transformation professionals in the Region or should there be Asia chapters created for either of those two previously mentioned bodies?

54.5% answered a separate Asian body.

Whilst this was encouraging I didn’t feel it provided me with a definitive mandate to pursue the initiative.


And Then?

At the beginning of 2019 I sent individual e-mails and LinkedIn messages to over 300 change & transformation professionals in Asia asking for the following:

  • YES, I think you should pursue the establishment of a professional change & transformation body for Asia.
  • NO, I don’t think you should pursue the establishment of a professional change & transformation body for Asia.

Of the 70% respondents over 90% said YES

Based on this a case for establishing a change & transformation professional body in Asia was created which provided a definitive mandate to pursue the establishment of the ICTPA.


Where are we now?

We currently have:

  • A “Letter of Association” from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand with whom we are collaborating.
  • Country Representatives for 12 out of 15 countries in-scope.
  • A LinkedIn Company Page with over 500 followers.
  • A LinkedIn Group with over 1,000 members.
  • An active database of some 700 change and transformation professionals.